Infinity WiFi and Dual booting HP laptops – Windows and Ubuntu

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Infinity WiFi and Dual bootingHP laptops – Windows and Ubuntu

Let’s start with Infinity WiFi. I heard about this service from a Comcast TV commercial. Since I do use Comcast Internet, it’s a good, free addition. If I put in the my home address zip code on their website, there’s about 10 locations I can go to. My guess is that the addresses represent businesses using Comcast . They can then pass this service on to Comcast customers at no extra charge. What I do is drive to a couple local addresses and confirm this.

My HP laptop used to run only Windows 7. Now I’ve added Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to the mix, using their automatic installer. Everything worked like a charm. There’s a couple of good articles to look at:

A good article is the Top 5 anti – virus for Ubuntu at the Top 5 anti…

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