Review – LG Optimus G Pro from AT&T

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IMG_20130626_190810With the Samsung Galaxy Note series of smartphones, it was proven that “bigger is better”. But has LG been able to pull off the same feeling with their Optimus G Pro?

The LG Optimus G Pro, currently available only on AT&T, has obviously been designed and targeted towards those people who feel that having the larger screen size makes their mobile experience that much better.

Over the time that I spent with the Optimus G Pro, I found myself really comparing it to the Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung I reviewed earlier this year. It is pretty difficult not to compare it to the genre standard really.


Here is a quick rundown on what the LG Optimus G Pro is made of:

  • 1.7GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 600 CPU
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 5.5″ 1080p Full HD IPS screen with 400 ppi
  • 3,140 mAh battery
  • 13 MP HD rear camera
  • 2.1…

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Google to release ‘Android device manager’ app to protect your misplaced phone

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After years of user complaints and shoddy third-party variants, Google has finally answered iOS’s “Find My iPhone”, (Apple’s official and free app for locating and remote wiping a lost device) feature with a locator of its own: the Android Device Manager.
Google’s solution to the increasing problem of device theft comes at a time when smartphone manufacturers have seen mounting pressure from authorities to add software-side features that could help curb what has been called a violent crime epidemic.  Apple and Samsung in June, have included the potential for a “kill switch,” which would permanently brick a stolen device and make it worthless for resale.
To be released later this month,  Android Device Manager offers three simple features, via an app or Web interface. You can have your phone ring at maximum volume, track it on Google Maps, or—in an absolute worst-case scenario—wipe the device from afar. If you lose your phone, your…

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Moves is quickly becoming one of my favourite apps. It’s one I installed as soon as I switched to my Nexus 4. I open Moves maybe once a day. Twice, at best. Moves does its magic in the background. I don’t have to do anything except carry my phone with me.

I hit a new record today! 18,784 steps AKA 3 hrs and 13 min of walking AKA 12.9 km.

No, these numbers aren’t monumental. However, they do a wonderful job of satisfying my curiosity, giving me a relative indication of my activity. I can feel the app slowly modifying my behaviour. I opened it today while I was heading to a train station, saw what I was at, and thought, “screw it, I’ll walk a few blocks to the next one.”

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Smartphones : Android pèse 80% du marché, iOS au plus bas depuis 2010

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Smartphones : Android pèse 80% du marché, iOS au plus bas depuis 2010.

Le marché des smartphones a progressé de 47% sur un an au deuxième trimestre 2013. Un segment largement dominé par Android, dont la part de marché s’élève désormais à près de 80%.


Android, l’OS mobile de Google, accroît encore un peu plus son assise sur le marché des smartphones. Au deuxième trimestre 2013, sa part de marché s’élève à 79,5%, soit 10 points de pourcentage de gagnés sur un an, relève le cabinet Strategy Analytics.

Le principal perdant dans l’affaire n’est autre qu’iOS. Si les ventes d’iPhone ont bel et bien progressé sur un an, de 26 millions d‘unités à 31,2 au deuxième trimestre 2013, ses parts de marché ont tout de même régressé, à 13,6% contre 16,6% l’an passé.

Dans sa globalité, le marché maintient une croissance élevée, de 47% sur un an…

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